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Jáuregui y Del Valle’s Criminal Practice distinguishes itself by its notable capacity to react and respond to any crisis our clients may face.  Whether we are required to handle a defense or to file a claim or accusation, through the implementation of strategic litigation, our team is highly trained to prepare, manage and carry out any type of strategy that is needed in order to fully satisfy the needs of our clients. 

While our Criminal Litigation Practice is mostly involved in the defense and prosecution of white-collar crimes, our experience in national and international cases makes us the firm of choice of financial institutions, transnational corporations with interests in Mexico and individuals with a high business and economic profile. Additionally, it also allows us to participate and defend criminal charges resulting from highly complex cases within Administrative, Civil, Business and Labor legal proceedings. 

With experience in both, Inquisitorial and Adversarial legal systems, our services include Consulting in risk analysis and mitigation, Advice during the development of a sudden crisis, Legal Representation at any stage of the proceedings, Crime Investigation and Prevention, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Constitutional Rights Defense Proceedings (Amparo) in criminal cases and in administrative cases involving bank account freezing by the Financial Intelligence Unit, Appeals, Extradition and Judgment Enforcement. 

Practice highlights

Jáuregui y Del Valle advised in Tlaxcala one of the largest Insurance Company in Mexico on a criminal matter related to the use of a false document. A beneficiary of life insurance filed a claim with the Insurance Company for the death of the insured. After reviewing the case, the Insurance Company decided to reject the claim because it was found that the insured falsified when filling out the application. Due to the above, the beneficiary sued the Insurance Company for more than USD $ 5,000,000. Within the claim documents used by the beneficiary there was an altered death certificate. Based on the above, a Criminal Complaint was filed where the commercial trial was requested alongside an arrest warrant that was issued and executed against the beneficiary for the crime of using a false document.

Jáuregui y Del Valle advised in Sinaloa an Auto Parts Company on a criminal matter related to the abuse of confidence. It was found that the company’s Accounts Manager made several transfers to his payroll account and to one of the company’s suppliers. After conducting an audit that confirmed the illegal provisions, a report of the facts was filed for the crime of breach of trust. After carrying out the investigation the judge waived the arrest warrant, which was executed by personnel of the Attorney General of the State of Tlaxcala. Once the trial was complete, the judge issued a condemnatory sentence.

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