Copyright & Entertainment Law

The entertainment industry, from its most traditional manifestations, such as cinema and television, to the most contemporary ones, such as the internet, social networks, and even the participation of artificial intelligence, generates complex legal relationships that require specialized attention and high technical legal knowledge in different areas, mainly intellectual property, civil law, contracts, among many others.

Artists, athletes, record labels, production companies, film, radio, television, or digital companies, as well as “content creators” and in general the mass media, have a strong legal activity, which requires suitable strategies for the protection of their rights or to enforce them, in compliance with the national and international legal framework.

Today, it is evident more than ever that the entertainment industry is in a boom coming from many years ago, mainly as a consequence of the innovation and digitalization that has penetrated the multiple sectors that compose it, then having full legal counsel for any negotiation or administration of rights is essential to always protect the best interests of copyright holders.


The legal issues related to Copyright and Entertainment Law are highly specialized and often have a multidisciplinary nature since this practice converges with several areas of law.

The multidisciplinary team of Jáuregui y Del Valle is an expert in Copyright, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Civil, Criminal, Tax, Commercial, and Litigation Law, who work together to guarantee excellent services and offer dynamic and integral solutions to our clients’ consultations, covering from copyright or contracts registrations, to more complex aspects that involve several jurisdictions.


The area of Copyright and Entertainment Law is constantly in contact with and draws from the industries of the Cultural sector, such as Film and Television (traditional and streaming), Music, Theatre, Sports, Fashion, Print and Digital Publishing, Design, Folklore and the protection of Cultural and Intangible Heritage, as well as companies associated with technology such as Video Games, Sports and eSports, Advertising, Software, Social Networks, among others.


The activities of the area are diverse, due to its wide field of action and its interdisciplinary nature, the firm has participated in consulting and negotiation for the development of projects and media productions, the elaboration of publishing, broadcasting, audiovisual production, and advertising contracts, and even the implementation of protection and enforcement of copyrights, neighboring rights, and image rights.

Our team is trained for the resolution of civil, criminal, and administrative disputes, both from a negotiation and conciliation perspective using alternative dispute resolution services, as well as a strong litigation practice aimed at protecting and defending the rights of our clients in Mexico or abroad. We have participated in successful litigation involving the rights of companies of the highest level, obtaining favorable results for our clients.

The knowledge of our Firm in matters of authorized use and licensing of cultural and intangible heritage is extensive, currently advising transnational companies in the sports and fashion sectors in the use of cultural elements in the designs of various garments that are distributed in the Mexican and international market, ensuring respect for the rights to Culture, freedom of speech and the rights of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples and Communities, and generating the appropriate use of such rights at the same time.

In conclusion, our area of entertainment law is one of the most complete in any of the disciplines associated with it, therefore any matter brought to our attention will have the most complete approach to be attended.

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