When organizations need to tackle Environmental Considerations arising from their current activities or the development of new projects, they need expert assistance. Our leading Environmental Law practice provides advice and representation on any related issue from Regulatory Matters to Litigation.

The team regularly advises clients on their due diligence and on how to obtain Environmental Authorizations according to Federal, State and Municipal Legislation. We also offer support on implementation of corresponding procedures for the obligations that follow on from having these authorizations or licenses granted. Specifically, we advise on highly relevant Environmental Permits, such as Concessions for the use, Exploitation or Exploitation of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone and Environmental Impact of Authorizations, Water Concessions, Regularizations and Wastewater Discharges.

Regulation Generation and the handling of hazardous materials and waste plus the Compliance aspects related to air quality and emissions to the atmosphere are a particular specialty. We are experienced litigators and experts in the defense of clients in front of Environmental Authorities at the Federal, State and Municipal levels.

Practice highlights

Jáuregui y Del Valle advised an International Consumer, Home Hygiene and Personal Care Products Company, whose factory had a problem with its concession of water. The Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua) initiated an expiration process of its allocated waters, which significantly affected its production and plans for expansion. Our team was able to advise on how to solve this issue. Subsequently, they have continued with their expansion plans without production being affected.
Jáuregui y Del Valle advised an International Glass Company whose factory was sanctioned with a high fine for allegedly discharging wastewater in a federal zone. Our team was able to obtain a resolution in favor of the client and the Court ordered not to impose the fine to the company.
Jáuregui y Del Valle advised a company specialized in producing faucet furniture whose factory had an expired title of concession of national waters. Jáuregui y Del Valle successfully filed a request of regularization before Conagua.

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