Jáuregui y Del Valle is well-known for its commitment to ethics, the
environment, philanthropy and inclusion.

FOUNDED in 1975, Jáuregui y Del Valle, S. C. is one of the most recognized law firms in
Mexico. Less than five years away from its 50th anniversary, the firm offers comprehensive
services and has participated in some of the highest profile legal transactions in the country,
whether structuring complex transactions for investment projects in Mexico or participating in
the placement of multi-million dollar loans for productive activities.
In addition, the firm served as counsel to the public sector in the privatization of companies and
services, including the first two public-private association projects in Mexico.
Part of the firm’s philosophy is to provide legal services with the highest ethical standards and
be socially responsible on environmental, philanthropic and inclusion issues. For this reason,
for 15 years it has been distinguished as a Socially Responsible Company (SRC) by the
Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi).
According to Luis Gerardo Del Valle Torres, partner and director of the firm, Jáuregui y Del
Valle is renowned for being a firm that has stood out not only for its innovative approach and
knowledge of the law, but also for its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) for
over 40 years.

“Throughout our firm’s history, CSR strategies have evolved and expanded beyond than just
pro bono work,” explains the attorney. “The principles that make Jáuregui y Del Valle a SRC
are solid internal compliance in terms of business ethics, management of social responsibility
activities inside and outside the community, quality of life within the firm, including diversity and
social inclusion, care for the environment and community outreach.”

—Which social responsibility programs is Jáuregui y Del Valle engaged in?

Currently, and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, our programs have been strengthened in
terms of community outreach, including our pro bono work and donations, both in cash and in
kind. Such donations fall under our 1% Social Investment program, which has already been
recognized by Cemefi.

“In 2019, the firm adhered to the Pro Bono Mexico Standards and in 2020 the hours that our
lawyers dedicated to attend to different kinds of social issues increased considerably, mainly
taking cases coming from clearinghouses, such as Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, A. C.,
Appleseed México, A. C. and Fundación Barra Mexicana, A. C., which act as intermediaries
between the beneficiary NGO and the legal aid, without excluding other NGOs that also
required legal support. In total, we provided assistance to 12 organizations on different legal

“In addition, we have a strong alliance with Pueblo Hacia Arriba, A. C., a non-profit
organization that provides legal assistance to individuals and groups in vulnerable situations,
particularly on their human rights. The organization’s goal is to help improve the social, legal
and cultural well-being of the Mexican population, especially in vulnerable and indigenous
groups, such as victims, minors, immigrants, women and disabled and convicted persons.”

“On environmental matters, our firm has also developed reforestation campaigns and
implemented environmental policies that improve and encourage the preservation of natural

“Moreover, social inclusion and diversity issues have become very relevant for the firm, which
has developed social inclusion and gender equality internal policies. Efforts are focused on
valuing collaborators for their skills, professionalism and individuality, regardless of age,
gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, maternity or
pregnancy, race, religion or belief.”

“Our clients see us as a firm that is committed to society and takes relevance
within its sustainable value chain”

—What does it mean for Jáuregui y Del Valle to be recognized as a SRC?

This is an achievement for us and our stakeholders. We believe that Cemefi accurately
evaluates the fundamental pillars that a CRS must have. Each year has brought new
challenges that we have faced in order to improve our commitment and today, more than ever,
it is extremely important to continue taking social actions that benefit our community,
particularly those in vulnerable situations. “We like to think that our customers not only see us
as strategic business partners, but that they feel comfortable working with a company that is
committed to society and that takes relevance within its sustainable value chain.”

—What should be the priorities of SRC for this new decade?

In our experience, we feel that businesses should follow the Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) and contribute to their compliance within the branches corresponding to each industry.
SDGs are reflected in the areas that Cemefi supports, so it is extremely important to identify
those that we can join as a private sector and contribute to sustainability. See all these actions
not only as compliance with regulations, but also as the construction of the common good
within our different industries.

Fuente: https://newsweekespanol.com/2021/05/jauregui-y-del-valle-una-esr/
Published by: Newsweek Mexico