Luis Carballo Balvanera


Mr. Luis Carballo Balvanera is a Tax Lawyer with outstanding expertise and a lengthy career in Tax Litigation and Arbitration.

1969 National Autonomous University of Mexico, Attorney at Law.

  • Tax Law, Administrative, Contentious-Administrative, Amparo, Administrative Law, Electoral Law.

Mr. Carballo has a significant experience in Tax Consulting and Litigation. Throughout his career, he has held the following positions:

2013 to date Partner at Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C.

2012-2013 Of Counsel at Del Valle, S.C.

2002-2011 Magistrate of the Superior Hall of the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Justice.

1996-2002 Magistrate of the Superior Hall of the Federal Tax Court.

1991 Magistrate of the Federal Tax Court

1998-1999 President of the Federal Tax Court.

1995-1996 Magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of the Federal District.

1995 Legal and Taxation Deputy Director of the National Fund for Worker´s Housing Institute, (INFONAVIT).

1991-1994 Magistrate Counsel of the Federal Electoral Institute.

1976-1990. Federal Tax Attorney Deputy Counsel.

Mr. Carballo has recently participated in the following litigation:

Legal advisor in amparo (constitutional rights) proceedings that concluded in a favorable judgment which granted federal protection against unconstitutional economic burdens in the issuing of a real property unification and subdivision license.

Participated in proceedings which succeeded in annulling federal tax credits due to inadequate grounds and justification.

Legal advisor in proceedings challenging tax and administrative penalties imposed by Mexico City’s tax authorities.

Collaborated in amparo proceedings against acts of federal authorities that violated the privacy of personal data and banking regulations.

Legal advisor in amparo proceedings against acts of municipal authorities for home and inspection visits with absolute lack of grounds and justification.