Alejandro Segall Freidkes


Mr. Segall specialises in Civil and Commercial Litigation.

2010 Universidad Iberoamericana, Licenciado en Derecho

  • Mr. Segall specializes in Commercial and Crime Litigation.

Planning legal strategies, claims processing, hearing procedures and advising on proceedings such as liens, releases and allocations.

Preparing agreements and transaction processing shelters.

Represented one of the most important online recruitment companies, which was sued by a civil association arguing that the advertisements were discriminatory.

Represented the sole distributor of the Roku device in México, who are involved in a lawsuit submitted by Cablevision over trying to obtain damages and loses for the illegal broadcasting of TV Channels over which they have copyright.

Represented an insurance company when a broker submitted a lawsuit seeking loses and damages due to the termination of their commercial relationship.

Represented a textile company facing a lack of liquidity and defaulted bank loans which entered into an insolvency procedure and was able to restructure all their bank loans.