Iñigo Sañudo Conesa

Associate Lawyer

Mr. Sañudo is an Attorney at Law and Attorney-in-Fact specialized in Litigation and Human Rights Protection in Criminal matters. He possesses a high capacity of execution, creativity, diligence and problem-solving skills, and he is in constant search for theories and unique ideas for an effective management of the matters he deals with. Iñigo has a notable interest in the exercise of the Rights to Equality and access to justice, prioritizing the protection of people’s fundamental rights.

2013-2017 Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City, Law Degree

2020-2021 Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Diploma in National Security and Asymmetric Threats

  • Litigation and Consulting in Criminal Matters

Mr. Sañudo is a Senior Associate with more than 6 years of experience in Consulting and Criminal Litigation. Since the beginning of his career he focuses mainly on Criminal matters within Banking, Securities, Corporate, Tax, Family, Property and Proceedings of Amparo Trial (Habeas Corpus) in Criminal matters.

He actively participates in the cases assigned to him in the designing of preventive measures, analyzing situations of potential criminal liability and crisis management.

He focuses on dealing with matters within the mixed inquisitorial system and the adversarial prosecutorial system; In both systems, he attends and manages cases throughout all possible instances; obtaining positive outcomes in the vast majority of the cases assigned to him.

Preparation and presentation of criminal complaints

Integration of investigation files

Preparation and presentation of Amparo Trials

Analysis of Criminal and Patrimonial risks

Litigation and strategic negotiation on Criminal matters

Consulting in Crisis and Risk Management

Intelligence analysis and Law Enforcement Intelligence